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ICMA Program Excellence Award: Strategic Leadership

September 9th-10th: The Ohio Baldrige Conference

October 24th-25th: Fall Baldrige Conference

2019 Headlines

August: American Health Care Association

June 17th-20th: Association for Organ Procurement Organization Annual Meeting

June 13th: Stratex Solutions Launches Apex

May 28th-31st: Florida Sterling Conference

May 3rd: Presented by Kansas City Business Journal

April 7th-10th: Quest for Excellence Conference

April 3rd: ASCEND Release

2018: Stratex Solutions Year at a Glance

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Case Study

strategic planning case study

Click the Icon to download a PDF of The Promise of Strategic Planning and the Reality of Results.  A Case Study of Organ Procurement Organizations by Dr. Raina Knox, CEO Stratex Solutions.  Or, read our blog about it here >