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We provide software and services to lead your organization in a way not previously imagined. We solve the problems you haven’t yet identified through organizational analysis and innovative strategic planning approaches.  We imagine the unimaginable and show you how to achieve it.

Our Approach + Services

Stratex Solutions works with organizations to simplify and maximize organizational performance management approaches. Our offerings combine personalized professional services with technology based solutions to provide the most innovative outcomes. Our focus areas include Strategic Planning, Organizational Performance improvement, and application of the Baldrige Performance Excellence framework. Our Approach and Services are reflected below.


Strategies need to be sustainable, transparent, and achievable.  A significant barrier to achieving success is that leaders don’t understand how much effort is required to achieve a strategy.  Few organizations understand how much strategic capacity their organization actually has.  Most plans lack specific execution, and overcommit the organization’s resources. This results in under delivery of the promises made with the adoption of the strategic plan. With Ascend, you make achievable strategic choices and know ahead of time you have the capacity to effectively execute.

“Do more with less” has reached the end of its effectiveness.  Ascend is a software tool provided with best practice strategic planning processes. It facilitates plan development, plan execution, and ongoing plan monitoring with processes, workflow, and plan content that will immediately transform your organization’s outcomes.  Ascend will show exactly what your resources are working on, how much effort is being expended, and what the results are.  This allows effective governance and management of the organizational plan in real time to demonstrate how your programs are working.

Stratex professionals will help optimize execution of existing plans.  If a plan doesn’t exist, we facilitate a best practice approach to plan development. Ascend brings your strategy to life, making the approach engaging and transparent across the organization.

APEX is a software tool for those applying for the Baldrige or AHCA Quality awards or who are assessing their organizational performance using the Baldrige Criteria. The software is also used by Baldrige State Programs to accept and examine applications. The electronic acceptance of an online document facilitates a focus on content, not the development of a two-column Word document. The software facilitates a continuous approach to developing and updating the application as organizational performance improves.

Putting together an application is difficult, with content coming from many places. Making sure you have the latest working document version is almost impossible.

With Apex, you work from your computer online to develop the content answering criteria requirements provided within the system in accordance with the program you are applying to. Writing teams can work separately or together with the system producing the application document for submission or continued review by the organization.  Coordination and collaboration are a snap.  You spend less time managing the process, and more time making progress.

All changes are immediate, documented, and viewed in real time.  Explanatory notes can be attached to any section.  Apex is highly intuitive, cloud-based, and securely reached from most any device. The Criteria provided in the system meets the requirements of your specific Baldrige or Quality Award program 

Baldrige Programs and organizations in Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa and California are successfully using the tool, accepting Baldrige Award applications through the Apex software process.

Organizational Performance

Organizational Performance is about getting better every day.

There are three critical categories to address:

  1. The external environment
  2. The internal environment
  3. Organizational outcomes

As your business environment becomes more complex and resources are in short supply, successful Organizational Change Management is vital.

The Stratex Change Management approach transitions the organization to re-direct resources and relevant business processes, to reshape an organization to improve results.

Stratex Solutions experienced advisors  coach leaders to successfully navigate the complexity.  Stratex Solutions support in these roles offers the executive more than just ways to change behaviors; coaching will be an important part of their learning process, providing knowledge, opinions and judgment in critical business-related areas.


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