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Ascend provides professional services and technology-based solutions to the organizational challenge of developing, executing, monitoring and measuring strategic and tactical plans, projects, and initiatives.

Unlike the traditional strategic planning process which frequently results in a dusty binder on a shelf, the Stratex Ascend approach starts with gathering feedback from key organizational stakeholders, then adds the results of extensive organizational analysis to develop a sustainable strategic plan.

The plan features the long term goals and objectives, tactical annual plans, capacity analysis, Balanced Scorecard measurements and a simple leadership review process. The approach features a cascading approach from the top of the organization to the employee level.

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The causes of these dismal figures include lack of communication, visibility, real-time tracking and monitoring.

plan of action

The Ascend software features the following:


Strategic and tactical plans in one easy-to-use tool

Everyone knows the plan, what is required to delivery it, and what is needed to achieve the plan


Best practice strategic planning approaches

Providing clear processes for setting, monitoring and measuring plan progress and outcomes


Leadership performance reviews

Conducted painlessly through reporting for all levels downloaded to the software format of choice


Clear line-of-sight

achieved from the highest strategic level to individual contributor and task level


Automated email communication

Generated each time resources are assigned, tasks are completed and due dates have passed


Proper Training & Support

Integration training, implementation and technical support

“Do more with less” has reached the end of its effectiveness.

More About

the Ascend approach

Strategies need to be sustainable, transparent, and achievable. A significant barrier to achieving success is that leaders don’t understand how much effort is required to achieve a strategy. Few organizations understand how much strategic capacity their organization actually has. Most plans lack specific execution, and overcommit the organization’s resources. This results in under delivery of the promises made with the adoption of the strategic plan. With Ascend, you make achievable strategic choices and know ahead of time you have the capacity to effectively execute.

“Do more with less” has reached the end of its effectiveness. Ascend is a software tool provided with best practice strategic planning processes. It facilitates plan development, plan execution, and ongoing plan monitoring with processes, workflow, and plan content that will immediately transform your organization’s outcomes. Ascend will show exactly what your resources are working on, how much effort is being expended, and what the results are. This allows effective governance and management of the organizational plan in real time to demonstrate how your programs are working.

Stratex professionals will help optimize execution of existing plans. If a plan doesn’t exist, we facilitate a best practice approach to plan development. Ascend brings your strategy to life, making the approach engaging and transparent across the organization.

Stratex Strategic Planning Framework 2.0