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We are thrilled to announce that Stratex Solutions will be a prominent part of the 31st Annual Sterling Conference, taking place from May 30 to June 2, 2023, in the beautiful city of Orlando, FL. As a proud sponsor, exhibitor, and speaker at this illustrious event, we invite you to join us for an immersive experience into the world of strategic planning.

Compelling Presentations

Our experts will deliver an engaging presentation on “Embedding Strategic Planning as an Organizational Discipline“. This is an opportunity for you to gain new perspectives and strategies on how to make strategic planning a core part of your organization’s ethos and operations.

Innovative Learning Opportunities

Join us at our speed learning table for a stimulating session on “The Art and Science of Right-Sizing Your Strategic Plan“. This dynamic discussion will provide insight on how to design and implement strategic plans that perfectly fit the unique needs and scale of your organization.

Exclusive Stratex Solutions Booth

Don’t forget to visit the Stratex Solutions booth. Here you will have access to our proprietary Strategic Planning Organizational Maturity Assessment. But it doesn’t stop there! Upon submission of your completed assessment, we’ll provide a complimentary individualized feedback report tailored to your organization’s strategic planning maturity.

Meet, Learn, Innovate

This conference is an exceptional opportunity to meet with the brightest minds in strategic planning, learn from groundbreaking sessions, and explore innovative strategies and solutions with Stratex Solutions.

We are excited and look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise, hearing your stories, and helping you elevate your strategic planning efforts. Let’s make the 31st Annual Sterling Conference a transformative experience together!

To pique your interest, we are providing a sample of some of the information we will be presenting.

Embedding Strategic Planning as an Organizational Discipline

Stratex Solutions Flyers

Stratex: Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Discover the power of our Stratex suite of solutions, designed to cater to your organization’s unique requirements and strategic objectives. Each solution is built upon our robust framework, offering a perfect blend of expertise, process, and technology to deliver optimal results.

Stratex Essentials and Stratex Premier provide flexible strategic planning approaches to meet your organization where it is based on specific needs. Is your organizational objective to develop and execute your new strategic plan with an emphasis on optimizing the financial and human resources associated with the administration of the plan? In a world where change is happening rapidly, sometimes the perfect approach is to move forward with agility to work through the plan development process quickly, with a focus on the most critical elements. Or is your organization in a place where organizational, departmental, and individual strategic planning learning is the objective? Are you ready to invest the time and resources to prepare your organization to be able to develop and execute world-class strategic planning approaches independently?

Stratex Essentials and Essentials+

Introducing Stratex Essentials™ and Essentials+™ – comprehensive solutions providing a standardized strategic planning framework, emphasizing the efficient use of time and resources for your organization. Stratex Essentials™ offers expert guidance in developing a strategic plan based on best practices and a controlled scope, ensuring maximum efficiency in resource and time utilization. Stratex Essentials+™ expands upon plan development to include execution and monitoring, guaranteeing your strategic goals are not only well-defined but also effectively executed and tracked for success.

Stratex Premier and Premier+

Experience Stratex Premier™ and Premier+™ – our advanced, flexible strategic planning solutions leveraging our proprietary methodologies and offering customized plan development based in-depth analysis of your organization’s needs. With Stratex Premier™ and Premier+™, we go beyond traditional strategic planning, focusing on building your organization’s capacity and capability to effectively manage the strategic planning process in the future.

Learn more about these exciting new services Stratex Strategic Planning Framework 2.0


Stratex is pleased to be attending this conference in our headquarters state where we have a number of tax collector clients. We are excited to see our current clients and meet new organizations. We will be exhibiting for the first time at this conference.

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Stratex Solutions is excited to be a lanyard sponsor and exhibitor at the 2023 Quest for Success Conference hosted by Partnership for Excellence on September 11th and 12th, 2023. This will be our fourth year attending this event and we look forward to engaging with the companies and examiners who use the Stratex Apex software to facilitate the application and examination process.

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July 23rd-26, 2023: 2023 National Association of County Collectors Treasurers  & Finance Officers Annual Conference (NACCTFO)-Austin, TX

Stratex is pleased to partner with tax collector organizations to facilitate strategic planning and performance excellence (Baldrige) software and services. This will be our first time attending the conference and we look forward to meeting new people and organizations.

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Join Stratex Solutions at the Association for Organ Procurement Organization Annual Meeting June 12th-15th in Orlando, FL where we are excited to be an exhibitor. We are looking forward to this important industry event.

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Stratex Solutions is proud to partner with the Sterling Council at the 31st Annual Sterling Conference May 30th-June 2nd.  Stratex will be a lanyard sponsor and exhibitor throughout the conference. Dr. Knox will be speaking on “Embedding Strategic Planning as an Organizational Discipline.”

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Look for Stratex Solutions at the American Health Care Association this fall.

Join Stratex Solutions at the Association for Organ Procurement Organization Annual Meeting June 17-20th in Houston, TX where we are honored to be a speaker and exhibitor. Learn how to integrate best practice Baldrige framework components into your organizational improvement and strategic planning initiatives.

Thanks to our fabulous pilot organizations (Florida Sterling and The Partnership for Excellence), we have an exciting set of enhancements coming to the Baldrige Assessment, Application and Examination system.  If you are a Baldrige organization, you REALLY want to contact us to learn more!

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Stratex Solutions is excited to be a lanyards sponsor, exhibitor, and speaker on Customer Acquisition, Strategic Planning and effective application of the Baldrige criteria at the Sterling Conference in Orlando, Florida May 28-31st .

Join us at the premier conference in the nation for practical learning in all areas of leadership and management systems through organizational assessment. 

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Look for Stratex solutions at the Quest for Excellence Conference, April 7th-10th. Stratex is delighted to be a lanyards sponsor and exhibitor. Visit us at the Stratex Solutions booth to experience APEX our Baldrige application and examiner solution and ASCEND, our strategic planning solution. While there, learn how your organization can achieve outstanding performance. Also, learn role model best practices in leadership, strategic planning and all other components of a robust leadership system. 

Stratex Solutions announces the ASCEND release of its most innovative strategic planning and organizational performance management software offered to date.

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