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Ascend provides professional services and technology-based solutions to the organizational challenge of developing, executing, monitoring and measuring strategic and tactical plans, projects, and initiatives. Unlike the traditional strategic planning process which frequently results in a dusty binder on a shelf, the Stratex Ascend approach starts with gathering feedback from key organizational stakeholders, then adds the results of extensive organizational analysis to develop a sustainable strategic plan. The plan features the long term goals and objectives, tactical annual plans, capacity analysis, Balanced Scorecard measurements and a simple leadership review process.

The approach features a cascading approach from the top of the organization to the employee level. 

90% of strategic plans fail and less than 15% of employees can name any corporate strategic initiative. The causes of these dismal figures include lack of communication, visibility, real time tracking and monitoring. The Ascend software features the following:

  • Strategic and tactical plans in one easy-to-use tool. Everyone knows the plan, what is required to delivery it, and what is needed to achieve the plan
  • Best practice strategic planning approaches providing clear processes for setting, monitoring and measuring plan progress and outcomes
  • Leadership performance reviews are conducted painlessly through reporting for all levels downloaded to the software format of choice
  • Clear line-of-sight is achieved from the highest strategic level to individual contributor and task level
  • Automated email communication generation each time resources are assigned, tasks are completed and due dates have passed
  • Integration training, implementation and technical support
  • strategic planning process


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    With APEX, we take a systems approach to improve each organization’s performance. Stratex Solutions is build upon the elements of the Baldrige Excellence which includes the criteria for performance excellence, core values and concepts, and guidelines for evaluating organizational processes and results. Being well versed in the framework and evaluation processes, we work with Clients who have selected to seek the most prestigious award conferred on U.S. organizations in the business, health care, education, and nonprofit sectors in recognition of their attainment of world-class standards of performance excellence. We also work with Baldrige programs providing evaluation and award services by providing technology based application and examination solutions. Our Software Tools integrate the assessment and awards process from Baldrige criteria adoption to award recipient.

    Baldrige quality

    Organizational Performance

    Organizational Performance

    Organizational Performance analysis provides external analysis and support to ensure ongoing alignment of company performance as compared to the goals and objectives. A way to look at organizational performance is by grouping organization factors into three categories; the external environment of the organization, the internal environment of the organization, and the organizational outcomes. All factors are highly interdependent and interactive with one another. 

    Stratex applies best practice approaches developed through many years experience working in organizations in all sectors. Support is provide to leaders to accomplish specific short or long term objectives. Organizational performance engagements are customized based on the needs of the clients and feature proven change management strategies to ensure the solutions developed can be successfully implemented with sustainable results.


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    The Stratex Suite of solutions have been engineered with security, scalability and accessibility at the forefront.  By leveraging standard web technologies these solutions will run in most modern web browsers including Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and require only a standard Internet connection.  The Stratex suite is hosted in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, ensuring that it is protected both physically and digitally against both intentional and unintentional issues.  You can rest assured that your data is protected both in transit and at rest.

    Professional Services

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    Professional Services Consultants have extensive business acumen across all sectors and industries, featuring work at Sprint, Target, Microsoft, Hallmark, Coke, IBM and others. We work with small and large companies in all sectors in the application of the Stratex Solutions Services and interact at all levels of the organizations, including C-levels. Stratex Solutions products and services take businesses forward to achieve bottom line results.