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Developing Your Pandemic Compass: A Guide to the Top 5 Actions to Take as the World, Nation, and Organizations Seek Direction in the Midst of a Pandemic

What if our “new normal” is just normal now? How many times in the last four months have these thoughts crossed your mind? We will work remotely until things return to normal. We will spend more time at home nesting with the family until things return to normal. We will implement temporary measures to protect

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Strategic planning as a latte — it’s all about the espresso

This week I was in Miami and started the day at my favorite Italian bistro with a beautiful latte and planned my day working with strategic planning teams executing their strategies. As my latte was served, I first looked at the simple beauty of the drink and then realized strategic planning work is not unlike

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Innovating strategically

As a C-level executive responsible for innovating technology, there are plenty of technology-based words on the business roadmap that suggest you’re strategic with innovation. We all have read recently about artificial intelligence, block chain, digital, data driven or cloud-based, and I am sure there are strategic projects underway at your businesses to leverage technology transformations

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The promise of strategic planning and the reality of results

A case study of Organ Organizations: Dr. Raina Knox; CEO, Stratex Solutions This strategic planning case study covers a span of seven years and highlights outcomes from two organ procurement organizations. It was written to provide a brief summary of thought provoking discoveries experienced by two very different organizations. The organizations highlighted include Midwest Transplant

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Strategic Thinking

A new year is upon us. For many executives, this is the time to review the strategic plan by pulling it out of the dusty binder to orchestrate a new year planning session. For others, it’s a time to refresh the minds and review what was achieved. What better time to get real! I challenge

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Beyond surveys — moving beyond the what, to the why, to support organizational change

Surveys can be a crutch for organizations. The advantages to using surveys are that the survey instruments are easily developed and distributed, and provide the opportunity to track specific responses over time. However, there are significant drawbacks to using surveys as the only method of collecting information from stakeholders and customers. Survey information gathered is

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Stakeholder engagement will transform your organization

The origin of the quest for stakeholder engagement began as a step in the process of developing a new strategic plan. The treasure found was unexpected and not immediately recognized. Like many treasure discoveries, it took a bit of sifting to see the shiny nuggets found. The organization featured with the bravery to embark on

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Why conducting a SWOT analysis is a complete waste of time

Conducting a SWOT analysis is the motherhood and apple pie of strategic planning. Everyone knows that’s one of the first things on the Strategic Planning Retreat agenda. Take a moment to consider just how many of these exercises you have participated in throughout your career. Very likely the number is more than the fingers on

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Strategic innovation — no more bright, shiny objects

Innovation is such a common buzz word; it is starting to make the lists of overused words. However, in a world where most organizations have a shortage of key resources (human and financial) innovation is one of the few methods where significant improvements can be made. The Baldrige Performance Excellence Criteria places significant emphasis on

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